Taryn E. Smith

It all began when I was commissioned to develop a line of Valentine day cards by hand for a large group of demanding people.  Each card was specifically tailored and designed to each individual that requested a card. Some card depicting illustrations ranging from a grand, romantic, cliche, Valentine love, to a small, secret, admittance of a crush. 

Upon completion of these cards, I was in charge of hand  delivering these very cards to their recipient.

It was a lot for my five year old self to handle such a business.


However, to all the kindergarten tykes on the playground were excited to receive their letters and I was happy to call myself an artist. 

I create artwork that evokes fun, fantasy, and wonder, by playing on the desire for  adventure within viewers. Creating subtle social commentary as a call to action for my viewers to think upon and contemplate the imagery and their personal response to the playfulness of the image. 

-Taryn E. Smith